BMR Technical Design
Crimes of the Heart
Director: Bill Payne
Scenic Design: Eric Gustafson
Lighting Design: Mariya Hawks
Costume Design: Nina Escobedo
Sound Design: Noah Craft
Props Master: Nick Gosen
Stage Manager: Nathan Heldstab
Technical Director: Bethany Reinfeld
Playwright: Beth Henley
Concept Sketch’s 
Ground Plans
Production PhotosCrimes_of_the_Heart_Production_Photos.html
As a Technical Director I listen to the Director’s concept. From there I see where the Scenic Designer is going by looking at their research and sketches. Once they start to give me Ground plans and Elevations I budget out what it would cost to build. I work with the Designer and Director if budget, time or labor is a problem. 

For Crimes of the Heart the Scenic Designer started with a few different ideas of how the set was going to fit into the Directors concept and world of the play. The director wanted a 3/4 thrust in our intimate black box space at University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD). The show takes place in the kitchen of a hurricane stricken house. The designer wanted a exterior feel for an interior world. He also wanted to have  a raised perspective floor. Due to budget with ended up painting the floor instead.