BMR Technical Design
Boy’s Life
Director: Josh Hinke
Scenic Design: Bethany Reinfeld
Lighting Design: Matt Weyer
Costume Design: Erin Muhs
Sound Design: Mariya Hawks
Props Master: Liz Krammer
Playwright: Howard Korder
Renderings Boys_Life_Renderings.html
Ground Plans, Elevations and ModelBoys_Life_Ground_Plans_and_Elevations.html
Production PhotosBoys_Life_Production_Photos.html
Boys Life deals with three friends who haven't moved on from their college days. There are 6 different locations, but the main setting is Dons apartment. His apartment is messy and barely walkable at the top of the show. As Don grows up I wanted the apartment to be able to be cleaned up or in true lazy fashion stuffed under the bed. The park bench is the other location that is used more then once. This where one of Dons best friends hangs out to pick up women. I wanted it to be a constant reminder of who Don didn’t want to become. The other locations were able to moved on and off. The Apartment platform moved up and down stage.